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I went to the University of Alabama for too many degrees that I may never be able to pay off. Retired lawya’, USMC veteran, active shitposter. I own a retail Kratom store in Memphis, and have a side hustle using all that math from my PhD to run a college football handicapping service.

Power Outage: Alabama Softball limps into regional play with an ice cold offense

The limitations of small ball are again rearing their head going into the postseason

NCAA to take up the Scottie Pippen Flop Rule

Flop God may wanna’ rethink that jump to the NBA.

Jumbo Package: Wanna’ come win a Heisman at Alabama, Jordan Addison?

Bryce Young out here crootin’ the offseason’s biggest target for the Tide.

Coming to a Campus Near You: The NIL extortion racket

Is anyone really surprised?

Philadelphia Eagles sign Alabama cornerback Josh Jobe

Physical corner and great run support, with some notable coverage deficits.

Baltimore Ravens select Alabama cornerback Jalyn Armour-Davis in the Fourth Round of the 2022 NFL Draft

Elite physical skills, but will need to overcome inexperience

Jumbo Package: Good riddance, Mark Emmert: Don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord split you

Hang on to your #butts, we’ve got some hate to off-load.

Giving Away Money: 2022 NFL Draft Odds — Is there even a true No. 1 overall pick in this class?

Do you hate money as much as the Jacksonville Jaguars? If so, you may as well wager on the NFL Draft!

Major rules changes coming to College Football

Pictured: Auburn in its native habitat — defensive holding

Jumbo Package: Oversignin’ Pawwwwwl! Alabama’s roster math becomes a bit clearer

Thanks, Transfer Portal!