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brackets, contests, giveaways etc.

EDIT: Roll ‘Bama Roll Haiku Contest! Texas Edition — Here’s your special prize!

All praise Texas Face AIDS — for it is upon us.

Alabama Roll Tide Crossword Puzzle ANSWERS

Crimson Tide off-season fun.

Alabama Roll Tide Crossword Puzzle

Crimson Tide off-season fun.

Play Roll ‘Bama Roll’s NCAA Tournament Pick ‘Em

Time to back up all that smack talk, people.

And the winners are…

It’s that time — let’s give away some tickets.

And the Winner of the 2021 NCAA Tournament Pick ‘Em is...

A red rout, a beating, a massacre.

Play Roll ‘Bama Roll’s 2021 NCAA Tournament Bracket Pick ‘Em!

Blue collar basketball bracket picking! Win prizes! Earn praise!

RBR Haiku Contest — Enter our Cowardly Tigers Edition and you can win a Tua Bobblehead!

Seriously, get this Dolphins filth out of my house

Roll Bama Roll Nostradamus Challege: Predict Alabama Football’s Statistical Leaders in 2020

Now’s your chance to show off your football-watching knowledge and predictive powers.

RBR Haiku Contest: And the winners are...

2020: The End is Nigh Edition.

Roll ‘Bama Roll Haiku Contest: The End is Nigh Edition

Time to amuse ourselves!

Sign up for the first-ever Tua Tagovailoa Youth Football Procamp

Everyone loves Tua. And Tuscaloosa ain’t so bad itself.

And the runner-up of the Roll ‘Bama Roll Crimson Tide Cruise is....

The results are in!

Roll ‘Bama Roll’s Third Saturday Crimson Tide Cruise Photo Contest

No, Roy Scheider, we’re not gonna’ need a bigger boat. We’ve already got the biggest one.

EDITED: Join RBR’s 2019 College Football Pick ‘Em Contest: Win stuff!

A prize awaits the worthy winner. Prove you’re up to the challenge.

Play Roll ‘Bama Roll’s 2019 NCAA Tournament Bracket Pick ‘Em!

Show us how good you are.

Alabama returns a whole heap of offensive production for 2019

This could go up even more if some draft-eligible players return.

RBR College Football Pick ‘Em — Bowl news and 2018 winners

...And the winner is...

Join RBR’s College Football Pick ‘Em Contest: Do we have some loot for you

Prizes await the worthy winners. Prove you’re worth of them.

And the winner...

of the 2018 Preseason Haiku competition is...

VOTE NOW: RBR Preseason Haiku Contest Finalists

Polls close Thursday at Noon, so vote early (and, if in Chicago, often and even while dead)

Roll ‘Bama Roll Preseason Haiku Contest! Quarterback hot takes welcome here.


Play Roll ‘Bama Roll’s 2018 NCAA Tournament Pick ‘Em!

It’s that time again...

NAME YOUR SCORE: Who wins tonight and why prediction thread

Share this post and enter to win an official Wilson CFP game ball

Play RBR’s Bowl Pick ‘Em: Boost your flagging self-esteem, win stuff, make your parents proud

And the winner of our Regular Season contest!

Join RBR’s College Football Pick ‘Em!

And you just may win some Alabama swag from NIMA USA!

Gettin’ dusty in here: Come read our Father’s Day stories and share your own.

The winner gets a NIMA Bluetooth stereo helmet!

Father’s Day Giveaway and Product Review: NIMA NCAA Helmet Bluetooth Stereo Speaker

This must for ‘Bama fans is a dynamic, punchy tailgate or home accessory

And the winner of the 2017 Roll ‘Bama Roll NCAA Tournament Bracket Challenge is...

JTCrimson takes home the 2017 RBR Bracket Challenge!

Join the RBR Bracket Group

Win the best gifts of all: bragging rights and prestige!

Play our 2017 March Madness Bracket Pick ‘Em Contest!

Prove your mettle against the best minds that Alabama’s blogosphere has to offer.

And the winner of the AT&T #MadeMeAFanContest SEC Fan Pack giveaway is...

We all have a #MadeMeAFanContest story. Win a trip to the CFP Final for sharing yours.


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