Eddie Lacy Lumberjackin'


Eddie Lacy. Powerful running back, not so powerful lumberjack. The Packers running back, with the help of Gatorade, tried his hand at ax-throwing, tree-climbing, and wood-chopping. The results were mixed. As you can imagine his powerful arm strength dominated the ax-throwing portion, but trying to get that running back body up a tree proved to be more than difficult. - See more at:

Is O.J. Howard poised for a breakout season?


That's one takeaway from Bill C.'s research on pass-catchers who combine both high catch rates and good yards-per-catch numbers, though Howard's on the extreme low end of players listed in terms of targets.

Alabama asks media to not report practice details


While it's not totally unusual for programs to do this — and this request is apparently tied to injuries — you can bet that some folks will have harsh words for Nick Saban as a result.

Julio Jones stars in Madden NFL 16 commercial


That EA Sports marketing budget is substantial, y'all. For what it's worth, Jones gets the best scene of the five-minute "film," and Trick Montalban is up there with Lil' Pepper for best fake name for a real person.

Outlandish hypothetical: Gus Malzahn, Alabama head coach


Friend of the network Holly Anderson is the scribe behind this counterfactual escapade, which ends with: "The morning of the national championship game, Gus Malzahn is announced as the new head coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide." But her plot would've required Nick Saban following Steve Spurrier's path to Dan Snyder's checkbook, and, well, that probably wasn't going to happen.

The really terrifying idea herein? The prospect of Bobby Petrino replacing Tommy Tuberville at Auburn in 2003, then still leaving for the NFL in 2006, allowing Saban to end up on the plains. Yiiiikes.

The 1988 Hurricane Bowl


In 1988, the Alabama vs Texas A&M game scheduled for Sept. 17 was cancelled due to Hurricane Gilbert which decided not to show up in College Station anyway. The matchup was rescheduled for the end of the season on Dec. 1 and promptly dubbed "The Hurricane Bowl."

Second-year Alabama coach Bill Curry was already on the hot seat. Midway through the season, he claimed a fan had chucked a brick through his window after a loss to Ole Miss (it was the first time the Tide was bested by the Rebels in-state). Then the Tide lost the Iron Bowl and folks were really displeased.

The Aggies had endured an up-and-down season under former Alabama assistant Jackie Sherrill but were considered a formidable foe. When Alabama arrived in Texas, the Crimson Tide were not in much of a mood to be trifled with.

What ensued was a 30-10 beatdown marked by one of CFB Hall-of-Famer Derrick Thomas' most dominant performances. He went after the Aggie quarterback like the dude had stolen his car and his girl on Valentine's Day. Thomas finished the game with five sacks and one recovered fumble.

The state legislature can't pass a budget, but...



Saban's Ally on New Football Rules Committee


"Bama AD Bill Battle chairing the new College Football Officiating Competition Committee..."