Official 2015 Alabama Hype Video


"Alabama Football 2015: The Process Begins Now"

Face it, Amari Cooper is better than you...he just is.


Look at the footwork. Is it possible Coop has gotten better since leaving Bama? Homeboy so smooth looks like he's running on a hot black iron griddle with butter feet. Dayum, son....

Amari Cooper make a DB look lost


quick shot of Amari Cooper giving a DB nightmares

College Gameday to Open Season in Arlington


Alabama continues to be the center of the college football universe.

Bama lands former UGA commit (RB) BJ Emmons


One-time UGA commit decides to commit (and hopefully sign with) the Tide. Roll Tide!

Doug Layton passed away


Doug Layton passed away yesterday after battling cancer. He was 81.

Changes coming to Ttown traffic


So they are moving the state highway designation for 215 to bypass University Blvd. We can expect in the not too distant future for University Blvd. to be closed down through UA property.

Why Robert Foster Will Wreck The SEC


Old friend Murf Baldwin offers a nice breakdown of Robert Foster's strengths, complete with video analysis and amusing subtitles. Foster came in as the top-ranked WR in his class and will have the opportunity to grab the #1 WR role vacated by Amari Cooper. He has NFL first-round potential if he can put it all together.

Alabama self-reports 13 secondary NCAA violations


"No names of student-athletes or coaches were contained in the report, but a violation that resulted in a football player being declared ineligible for one game after being over-awarded scholarship money due to a computer entry error referred to linebacker Trey DePriest. He repaid the money and was reinstated."

"Another violation involved early-enrollee running back DeSherrius Flowers, who received financial aid and practiced in the spring but was determined to be a non-qualifier "after a change in circumstance" related to his college entrance exam. Flowers' scholarship was cancelled and he will not be enrolled to play this fall."

Nothing major here, but newsworthy nonetheless. Flowers was reportedly declared ineligible due to a suspiciously significant improvement in his ACT scores. This creates a secondary violation since he was receiving financial aid as a non-qualifier. We also now know why we were without Trey for the WVU game. Thanks, NCAA.