But Saban does support another proposal from the Recruiting and Athletics Personnel Issues Cabinet,...


But Saban does support another proposal from the Recruiting and Athletics Personnel Issues Cabinet, which wants to delay scholarship offers. It wants to prohibit scholarship offers earlier than July 1 between a player's junior and senior years. Alabama already has commitments from 14 players for its 2011 signing class, though signing day is more than seven months away. "I really do think we need to control the timetable with recruiting," Saban said. "Guys get offered so early now, you really don't have a chance to evaluate them. That's not really fair to the young man or the institution, because if they early commit and they aren't what you thought they were, whether it's personally, academically or athletically, it can be a potentially tough situation for either side."

Don Kausler Jr.: Saban doesn't support NCAA proposal to limit support staffs Saban makes an interesting point about the very short time for evaluations and what it can entail. Coaches are effectively swamped with the season and the following year's recruiting class through about January, and with a lot of kids in the next class wanting to commit very early (March-May) that leaves coaches with very little time to evaluate lots of kids and very little information to do it with. We've seen some issues the past couple of years where we get some early commitments and then later beyond they go elsewhere after it seems like we really have not made them a priority, and perhaps the root issue in those cases is simply a lack of time to properly do the evaluation in the first place.

Ingram named SEC male athlete of the year


Mark Ingram has been named the SEC male athlete of the year. Well done sir!!!

Gladwell piece on CTE


After reading Bama Hawkeye's link on Chris Henry. I was reminded of this piece in the New Yorker. Its by Malcolm Gladwell (The Tipping Point, Blink, Outliers)

Football Outsiders Ranks The Top 100 College Football Teams of the Last 100 Years


The stat-lovin geeks over at Football Outsiders have come up with a list of the 100 Most Dominant football programs in the last century. But this ain't one of those usual lists based on the writer's preference, they are using one of their high-falutin' statistical measurements I can barely wrap my head around much less explain. But basically it means they are using MATHS! So it has to be true. Right? Which is all well and good but where the hell is Alabama, you ask? Turns out the first installment of this series is covering No. 100 through 81 and no less than three Crimson Tide teams are in evidence: Frank Thomas' 1945 (No. 97) and 1936 (No. 88) squads and as well as the 1992 National Championship team (No. 83). The next twenty teams will be announced next Tuesday.

Chris Henry Had CTE Before Death, And Why That Matters So Much


This has nothing to do with Alabama. It's not about one of our players. It's not about our program. But, it will be the most important thing that you read about football this summer. Take a moment and understand why Chris Henry's death should be (is?) a potential harbinger for changes to the game of football. To quote Mr. Jacobi: There's an old phrase about Bernese Mountain Dogs: "3 years a young dog, 3 years a good dog, 3 years an old dog; the rest is a gift from God." This news about Chris Henry might mean career football players are something close to the same: "20 years a young man, 20 years an athletic man, 20 years an old man; the rest is a gift from God." As an avowed and diehard football fan, I hope so much that, in the face of the evidence unfolding in front of us every day, it's not true.

The gap between Bryant-Denny and Jordan-Hare hasn’t been this large, in Alabama’s favor, since 196...


The gap between Bryant-Denny and Jordan-Hare hasn’t been this large, in Alabama’s favor, since 1969. The next year, Auburn expanded its stadium to make it bigger than Alabama’s. Both schools expanded more than once in the interim, but from 1970 until 2006, Auburn owned the largest on-campus football stadium in the state. Clearly, those days are over.

Kevin Scarbinsky: Alabama gets another leg up on Auburn in the arms race Why not expand? Simple, Auburn cannot consistently fill the 87,451 seat capacity Jordan-Hare Stadium now. The only games they can consistently get to capacity with is the Iron Bowl and the Georgia game, and there are routinely thousands of empty seats for "lesser" conference games (Ole Miss, Arkansas, MSU, etc.). At some point, you can build it all you want, but they still have to come.

Size Matters: A Weight Comparison of Defensive Front Sevens


The SB Nation site covering Florida State, Tomahawk Nation, has a pair of posts looking at the importance of size in a team's defensive front seven. Their conclusion is that a big front-7 is a necessary but not sufficient condition for a successful defense, as we used to say back in my logic classes. Yesterday they looked at the biggest defensive fronts from last season and found that a whopping 90% of the best 20 defenses were over 1780 lbs in the front 7 (and 100% of the 10 best). And do you care to guess which squad came in at the top? Today they are looking at why a big defense matters by breaking down matchups between various teams in the SEC and ACC. There's a heaping helping of good info but one tidbit to note is that Alabama is going into 2010 a good 17 pounds lighter than last season, falling under the 1,900-lb mark for the first time in three seasons. We miss you already, Cody.

The New Compliance Arms Race


We've heard nearly endless whining from USC partisans about how expecting high-risk players to receive high-quality monitoring is unfair and bad for everyone. This post from the Bylaw Blog posits a much less insane proposition: that the result of the ruling could be an arms race amongst top-tier Division I programs. It's an interesting read.

it's either true love or temporary insanity. either way, it is bound to end in tears. via...


it's either true love or temporary insanity. either way, it is bound to end in tears. via onechancefancy

Joe Kines' daughter killed in Tuscaloosa car accident


I'm sure all our prayers go out to Coach Kines and his family.