What's your take on this?


B1G to quit scheduling FCS teams. Pretty sure they'll just replace those FCS teams with the likes of UAB, MTSU(they're FBS, right?) Troy, WKU, NMSU, etc...

Drove by this last week


Turn on Satellite View and zoom in. Dude has a 200 foot tall script A in his front yard. It's pretty awesome. Anybody else know of anything similar?

Reuben Foster's Dad arrested after 16 years as a fugitive


This is pretty mindblowing/ eye opening. Gives me a heart for the kid. Apparently his father escaped arrest after shooting Reuben's mom, with Reuben being injured in the process in 1996.

RBR Podcast With's Matt Scalici


RBR's very own Jeremy_RBR sits down and talks 'Bama basketball and football recruiting with's Matt Scalici . Go take a listen

An update on Devon Walker


The Tulane Player who suffered a severe neck injury this past fall

Tide Falls in Athens


Alabama put up their highest road score of the year, but the boisterous crowd at UGA was too much to overcome. Bama got off to a slow start and couldn't seem to catch any breaks. Here is one of the better routines for the Tide, but you can here the partisan crowd on their feet for the dawgs on beam.

A&M Recruiting Success


Interesting article about the Aggies' strong recruiting, but it contains this amusing bit of hyperbole from a analyst: "They're the hottest team in the SEC right now." Apparently, consecutive National Championships and yet another strong Saban recruiting class doesn't impress this guy. :-)

BCS Championship + Apollo 13 = Awesome


South Bend, we have a problem...