"The thing I love the most is their academics. They have it set up to get your degree in three...


"The thing I love the most is their academics. They have it set up to get your degree in three years. Half of the team in the bowl game had their degree already. It's a championship team with a lot of those guys having their degree. It's saying something."

New Tide commit Eddie Jackson. Don't be shy sharing this with all those that dismiss the commitment to education for the team.

Why are we called the REC?


Why are we called the REC?

I cannot find the answer anywhere.

Why Such Anger Toward The SEC?


Just think how the media would handle the Te'o story or Chip Kelly's departure if an SEC school was involved.

SEC Season in Review: Nick Saban vs. Bear Bryant


Interesting comparison of Coach Bryant to Coach Saban over at TeamSpeedKills. Check it out.

Gymnastics Roll to 2-0 Over LSU


No. 6 Gymnastics Beats No. 5 LSU. Next meet is the Power of Pink Meet vs. Kentucky 1/25/13 7:30 p.m. CT at Coleman Coliseum.

Andre Smith Arrested


Well we all knew Smith had very little brains when he cost us the Sugar Bowl. But this goes in the category of "Your Dumber Than A Stick If You..." Try to carry a gun on airplane.

Football HIglight Reel


Spencer posted a video called "The Greatest College Football Highlight Reel Ever." It's got some fantastic plays, but for my taste (naturally), not enough Alabama. In fact, I only saw 2 plays: Prothro's catch against USM and Trent's run vs. Ole Miss. Overall, I thought it needed more older footage in general. But it got me thinking... What would be the all-time highlight reel for Alabama football? Let's make our own list, but to give everyone a chance, only pick 3. I'll start with the Goal Line Stand, the Run Through the Mud, and the Kick. What's next?

Attention Baton Rouge marijuana distributors.


Attention Baton Rouge marijuana distributors.