Inside Bryant's locker room


Former Bama assistant coach Jack Rutledge shares a powerful memory about a pre-game pep talk from Coach Bryant.

Teabagging is out, buttchuggin in:


This would be incredibly immature and unworthy of posting had it not truly happened; but since it did, take ten minutes out of your life to visit a world enjoyed by the "privileged" Tennessee fraternity member, their attorneys, and their local buttwatching media:

Fantastic story on LSUFreek, everyone's favorite .gif-giver


This guy's story is as incredible as his work. Excellent read.

Richard Todd interview


The MVP of the 1975 Sugar Bowl talks about how he nearly missed his last college game, the heartbreaking losses to Notre Dame, and following Joe Namath as quarterback of the New York Jets.

Nobody cares as much as we do.


No, Big Ten, Big 12 and Pac-12 fans, you don't care as much as these people. You never will.

Alabama Teabagger gets 2 Years in Prison


Yeah cause thats not excessive. Who wants to bet the jugde is just mad LSU didn't cross the 50?

Nine Unforgettable Upsets


Crimson Replay's latest Keeping Score list focuses on some of Alabama's biggest upset victories.

Like a BOSS!!!


Seems like every year Sarah Patterson marches a team out at halftime for winning a championship of some sort. Roll Tide!

Really, REALLY funny post on John L. Smith and the state of Arkansas football


Know this is a little off-topic, but it was way too good not to share. On John L. Smith and 50 (Sarcastic) reasons why you shouldn't give up on the Razorbacks. Absolutely hysterical.