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RBR Tailgating: Sort of Nicoise Sandwich

I put a bit of trout in instead of tuna and I will never stop laughing at the "Inside Trout."

RBR Tailgating: Chicken Spiedini with Amogio Sauce

I didn’t know what Spiedini or Amogio meant until a few months ago, but I checked them out and they’re cool for game day.

RBR Tailgating: Sweet Sixteen Edition

I’m still riding this bandwagon.

RBR Tailgating: Quick Hit on a Pasta Classic

I’m a bandwagon basketball fan. 

RBR Tailgating: Spicy Maple Bacon Jalapeno Mushroom Swiss Burger with Caramelized Onions

I’m a few "mesquite grilled," "wasabi aioli," and "crazy cilantro cream" style descriptors from making it at a Guy Fieri restaurant with the above descriptor, but he’s been wrangling for sainthood. This is not a sarcastic homage.

RBR Tailgating: Cottage Pie

Pulling the rug right out from under the Irish and their pub food.

RBR Tailgating: Lamb Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

It’s about as consistently cold in the South as it’s going to get this year so it’s time for meat slow cooked in liquid.

RBR Tailgating: “Mayonnaise is Vile” Chicken Salad

In which one intrepid kitchen hobbyist says what needs to be said.

RBR Tailgating: Sausage and Peppers

It occurs to me that the last time we had LSU on our schedule twice in the same season things worked out quite nicely.

RBR Tailgating: Saturday Night Steak Salad

So when people say "little brother" regarding Auburn, are they saying that Auburn is our in-state little brother or that since Tennessee is our actual rival are they saying that Auburn takes a little brother role in that sense to the Vols?

RBR Tailgating: A Kentucky Hot Brown

This is my version, not the original - unless my version somehow happens to be the same as the original. You can’t prove it’s not.

RBR Tailgating: Calling In Sick

Hydroxychloroquine or Trunalimunumaprzure - I don’t care. Put it in the water supply and let’s be done with this thing.

RBR Tailgating: A Cassoulet of Sorts

"Cassoulet is not really a recipe. It’s a way of arguing among neighboring villages of Gascony." - Andre Daguin

RBR Tailgating: Tea Smoked Wings

It’s just not right to go through a season, even a truncated one, without a wing recipe.

RBR Tailgating: Ice Cream Sammiches!

Not for snitches. Not for the Low-down.

RBR Tailgating: The Chick-faux-a Sandwich

Boldly not inventing the chicken or the chicken sandwich but standing on the whatever chickens have in place of shoulders and doing things one better.

RBR Tailgating: Blackened Shrimp with Spicy Ginger Pepper Sauce

In which a dangerous creature (at least to me) rises ominously from the deep.

RBR Tailgating: Chow Chow

This is a big arrow to have in your entertainment quiver.

RBR Tailgating: Baked Feta with Focaccia

In these uncertain times we are all in this together so stay safe. Be strong.

RBR Tailgate: Leftover Turkey Tetrazzini

An easy crowd pleaser you can make a day ahead so Saturday morning and early afternoon can properly be spent fretting.

RBR Tailgating: Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Contrary to assumptions, this recipe is terrifically tailgate friendly. I’ve got a recent travel slideshow to prove it! Everybody loves travel slideshows. Let me tell you about my time in…

RBR Tailgating: Sausage and Biscuits

Another 11 am slot for the bread winners/those that have brought home the bacon for the last ten years. We might as well have some breakfast.

RBR Tailgating: Simple Marinara

My favorite weekend is here.

RBR Tailgating: Italian Cold Cut Stromboli

Hot at home as a main or cold stadium side as an app, this scratches all manner of itches.

RBR Tailgating: Enter the Johnsonville recipe contest for tickets to the SEC Championship Game!

Who wants to go to Atlanta?

RBR Tailgating: Homemade BBQ Potato Chips

Just buying a bag at the store is infinitely easier, but passing these around by the stadium while you fire up the grill offers plenty of opportunities to soak in compliments and pretend like making them was no big deal.

RBR Tailgating: Pretzel Bites

Mixing pretzels with football is not for the faint of heart (you’ll see what I did there in a second.)

RBR Tailgating: Muffalettaesque… Muffaletty?

If you are within the vicinity of NO, don’t order the whole thing. It’s like a ten pound sandwich.

RBR Tailgating: Sangria Popsicles

"Tomorrow, by the time the sun is hot, you will have deliverance."

RBR Tailgating: Guacamole with an Arguably New Mexican Twist

I’ve been to New Mexico twice, so I’m kind of an authority on what they like to eat there. Arguably.

55 Things to Love About Alabama: The Flora-Bama — America’s last great honky-tonk roadhouse

It’s hard to believe this place is in the heart of the Bible Belt, isn’t it?

58 Things to love about Alabama: Chilton County Peaches

Take that, Georgia and South Carolina


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