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Roll Bama Roll Tailgate: Bama Brunswick Stew Recipe

A super easy dish even the most novice of cooks can handle.

Roll Bama Roll Tailgate: Super Easy Egg Salad Recipe - A Southern Staple

Even the most novice of cooks can do this one.

RBR Tailgate: Say goodbye to Summer and hello to Fall — Sweet Potato Fries with Avocado Aioli Dip

The turning of the seasons means that we must enjoy the avocados while they last, even as we greet the sweet potatoes

Preparing for Alabama vs Texas by cooking some beef (Meatloaf)

Need some Longhorn recipes to get you through the upcoming game? We got you covered

On The Road Tailgate: YETI and Meat Church tag team for an Austin barbecue showdown

‘Bama standout and champion pitmaster, Matt Pittman of Meat Church, team ups with YETI for Austin tailgate

Roll ‘Bama Roll Tailgate: Brandon Chicken’s Chicken Birria Tacos

A consommé for a consummate pass rusher

RBR Tailgating: Signing Off

What a haunt you gave me.

RBR Tailgate: Smoked Trout Salad

That’s right. Fish salad for a tailgate. Fight me.

RBR Tailgating: A Few Interesting Condiments to Keep Around the Kitchen

It’s Bye Week. Let’s talk about condiments that we didn’t expect to use much when we first bought them and now can’t imagine life without. It’s not like any of us are entertaining anyone for a game this week.

RBR Tailgating: Irish Soda Bread

I do hate baking, but it’s hate week so I soldier on.

RBR Tailgating: Pizza, But with Illegality This Time

I don’t know why. I can fill out a thousand words and deal with a recipe a week and this little bit kills me. I got nothing for the intro. Why is this so hard? They call it a Dek. That’s the word for the intro italics bit. It’s a teaser. This is a teaser. I’m awful at it. Maybe you should skip this page and read about what Brent thinks of the defense vs. Ms. State. That’s what I would do. There’s a lot of better stuff on this site.

RBR Tailgating: Roast Beef Sliders

Oh no. Another former assist.... nobody cares at this point

RBR Tailgating: Sausage and Gravy with a Twist

We’re playing with a Southern staple this week.

RBR Tailgating: Sort of Nicoise Sandwich

I put a bit of trout in instead of tuna and I will never stop laughing at the "Inside Trout."

RBR Tailgating: Chicken Spiedini with Amogio Sauce

I didn’t know what Spiedini or Amogio meant until a few months ago, but I checked them out and they’re cool for game day.

RBR Tailgating: Sweet Sixteen Edition

I’m still riding this bandwagon.

RBR Tailgating: Quick Hit on a Pasta Classic

I’m a bandwagon basketball fan. 

RBR Tailgating: Spicy Maple Bacon Jalapeno Mushroom Swiss Burger with Caramelized Onions

I’m a few "mesquite grilled," "wasabi aioli," and "crazy cilantro cream" style descriptors from making it at a Guy Fieri restaurant with the above descriptor, but he’s been wrangling for sainthood. This is not a sarcastic homage.

RBR Tailgating: Cottage Pie

Pulling the rug right out from under the Irish and their pub food.

RBR Tailgating: Lamb Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

It’s about as consistently cold in the South as it’s going to get this year so it’s time for meat slow cooked in liquid.

RBR Tailgating: “Mayonnaise is Vile” Chicken Salad

In which one intrepid kitchen hobbyist says what needs to be said.

RBR Tailgating: Sausage and Peppers

It occurs to me that the last time we had LSU on our schedule twice in the same season things worked out quite nicely.

RBR Tailgating: Saturday Night Steak Salad

So when people say "little brother" regarding Auburn, are they saying that Auburn is our in-state little brother or that since Tennessee is our actual rival are they saying that Auburn takes a little brother role in that sense to the Vols?

RBR Tailgating: A Kentucky Hot Brown

This is my version, not the original - unless my version somehow happens to be the same as the original. You can’t prove it’s not.

RBR Tailgating: Calling In Sick

Hydroxychloroquine or Trunalimunumaprzure - I don’t care. Put it in the water supply and let’s be done with this thing.

RBR Tailgating: A Cassoulet of Sorts

"Cassoulet is not really a recipe. It’s a way of arguing among neighboring villages of Gascony." - Andre Daguin

RBR Tailgating: Tea Smoked Wings

It’s just not right to go through a season, even a truncated one, without a wing recipe.

RBR Tailgating: Ice Cream Sammiches!

Not for snitches. Not for the Low-down.

RBR Tailgating: The Chick-faux-a Sandwich

Boldly not inventing the chicken or the chicken sandwich but standing on the whatever chickens have in place of shoulders and doing things one better.

RBR Tailgating: Blackened Shrimp with Spicy Ginger Pepper Sauce

In which a dangerous creature (at least to me) rises ominously from the deep.

RBR Tailgating: Chow Chow

This is a big arrow to have in your entertainment quiver.

RBR Tailgating: Baked Feta with Focaccia

In these uncertain times we are all in this together so stay safe. Be strong.


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