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Brandon Miller named National Freshman Player of the Year

There are no-brainers, then there are mortal locks.

Jumbo Package: Gump Day is searching for a starting quarterback

Nick Saban had a lot to say on the biggest question of the offseason.

‘Bama Gymnasts draw the Norman region to open NCAA Championship competition

Not great, Bob!

A Crimson Tide legend hangs them up: Dont’a Hightower rides off into a well-deserved sunset

Godspeed, Zeus. Godspeed.

Tide Two-Step: Nick Saban was not talking about Nate Oats; Nick Saban was talking to his team.

Unless you are an Alabama football player, you are not the target audience — whoever you may be.

Jumbo Package: Nate Oats shortlisted for National Coach of the Year

And he was joined by his star player in being named a national finalist

Backlash Has Begun: Wooden Award snub of Brandon Miller cracks open the door to some common sense

Even for a media landscape more concerned with clicks than candor, yesterday’s snub of Brandon Miller was particularly egregious.

Alabama Hoops lands major commitment: 4-Star Combo Guard Kris Parker is coming to the Capstone

Crimson Tide land another athletically- gifted, ball-handling wing with a great stroke.

13 Former Tide Players Invited to the NFL Combine

Bama may have missed the College Football Playoff, but the program continues to send players to the league.

Alabama Crimson Tide Football Roster Update

Bama may or may not be over 85. The public will probably never know the inner-workings of Nick Saban’s world.

Here Comes The Rat Poison: For the first time in 20 years, Alabama Basketball is No. 1

That bullseye on ‘Bama’s back just grew exponentially larger.

Points in the Paint: Detestable Auburn’s self-aware ownage

There’s a little game this Saturday. Maybe you’ve heard about it?

Points in the Paint: “Lifetime contract” in the works for Nate Oats?

The UA Board of Trustees is meeting on Friday. It will make us happy.

Points in the Paint: Big 12 Challenge could give the SEC a very public, very prominent black eye

Even a winless B12 team would be favored over half the SEC. No, that’s not a joke.

All Class: O’Brien leaves as Alabama’s OC, but his tenure with the Tide is the way it should be done

How BoB comported himself, and how he left the Tide, is a good model for a younger generation of coaches

Amidst huge demand for NFL Offensive Coordinators, Bill O’Brien interviews with New England Patriots

The Pats are shopping for an OC, but they’re by no means alone.

Aftermath: Nate Oats faces the toughest challenge of his career

There is a deep irony that Coach Oats’ best team is now one that faces some of the nation’s greatest adversity.

Doing More With Less: Coach Bo leads Alabama Baseball to Top 25 ranking in D1 Preseason Poll

Alabama checks in at No 20 in Baseball Preseason Poll

Points in the Paint: The midmajor plummet that could affect NCAA Tournament seeding

Alabama thought it was signing up for a brutal march through NCAA-type midmajors. Two months later, that turns out to have not been the case.

Defensive Coordinator Pete Golding heads to Ole Miss, leaving behind a mixed legacy at Alabama

One of the most maligned coaches in recent memory is heading to Oxford.

Jumbo Package: Steve Sarkisian can keep his filthy mitts off our Wide Receivers Coach

Now he’s after the last member of the offensive staff he didn’t poach the first go-around.

Crimson Tide Hoops Barbecues The Hogs in Bud Walton, 84-69

The 4th ranked Tide defeated 15th ranked Arkansas 84-69 on Wednesday night to improve to 14-2, 4-0 in the SEC.

MARCH 20 UPDATE: Alabama Crimson Tide Football Roster Tracker

The revolving door is the new normal in college football.

Four of Alabama’s best players declare for the NFL Draft

As usual, the Crimson Tide will have some big shoes to fill next year

Jumbo Package: Alabama will have to platoon to fill Nimari Burnett’s large shoes

There are veterans on the bench that will have to come up big over the coming months

Points in the Paint: The Tide’s secret weapon is its versatility: Every game brings a new hero.

For the first time in almost 20 years, Alabama’s basketball program is ranked higher than football — its versatility is the reason why.

Will Anderson becomes the first two-time unanimous All-American in over a decade, and ‘Bama’s first

This guy was special.

Coach Mike Leach passes away, and we are all the poorer for it.

The most interesting man in college football was also one of its most genuine.

Points in the Paint: Alabama’s turnover bugaboo could pose a big problem against No. 1 Houston

Alabama can play the tempo game, but that success is predicated on turnovers. Therein lies the problem.

Pay The Man: Alabama Soccer is on the cusp of great things; it’s time to invest in this Staff.

Wes Hart can potentially build a national power if given the resources

College Football Playoff Final Rankings: How To Watch, Preview and Prediction

Chaos may have once again been ‘Bama’s best friend

College Football Playoff Rankings: How To Watch and All The Odds

Alabama still has a chance.