New strength and conditioning coaches are remotely monitoring workouts via Apple watches

Nick Saban is often lauded for being a step ahead of college football, owing his staying power to his willingness to adapt and innovate.

Well, sometimes you just get lucky.

Saban went through a public but amicable divorce with longtime assistant Scott Cochran back in January, necessitated by Scott’s desire to move into an on-field role and Saban’s desire to modernize the strength and conditioning department. Cochran was replaced in short order by Indiana’s David Ballou and Dr. Matt Rhea, who are known for being on the cutting edge of exercise science, particularly in terms of using technology to measure performance and improvement.

Well, according to the head man via Matt Zenitz, the move has paid off in a big way during the COVID-19 disruption.

I don’t know how he does it, but somehow Saban always stays ahead. If and when we get to play football again, Alabama should be better off than most from a conditioning standpoint with coaches having the ability to monitor workouts remotely.

Of course, some are already crying foul.

It never fails.

We’ll leave you with this live look at Kirby placing an order for Apple watches...

Roll Tide.


just slap a UGA logo on one of these

Unrelated but..

sooo glad Tua decided to go Pro. If he stuck around and then all this happened it would have really been a bad decision vs. top 5 $.

supplemental draft this year is going to be lit

They big mad

Technically, couldn't the watches be set to auto-upload at certain intervals

So that the coaches aren’t actually ASKING a player about their workout?

They aren't asking.

They are loading programs onto the watches and tracking progress with no interaction.

Looking at the twitter replies...

It’s truly amazing that people don’t understand how technology works and you can use it to your benefit

No shit.

complete and utter retards.

They are from Mizzoora

Rednecks here can hang with the best of them.


Is a troll. Not even an entertaining one like Lane.

Plus, he's a head coach, not a S&C Coach

Saban never said he’s talked to any players about working out or anything like that. Aren’t strength coaches typically with the players all the time in normal circumstances, even when other coaches’ contact is limited? I may be wrong on that though


Standby for Saban Rule #114

Limit number of headsets wrist-bound electric sundials with transmitting capabilities.

Eventually, it will be a rule that all Div. I coaches at schools inside the Tuscaloosa city limits

must sequester themselves in a soundproof booth for 6 months out of the year, during which time, all workout buildings are filled with fresh cement and all players are limited to a potato chip diet.


LOL I "won" one of those Apple thingies at our company Christmas party last year.

I have no Apple anythings so I ended up selling it to my niece for $160.00. Win-win…

Hey RBR guys

I want to say thanks for doing a better job than almost any other part of my life at remaining normal (admittedly, I have a non-standard definition of ‘normal’). Everywhere else is the unremitting parade of negativity. Here it’s just Bama.

You guys do normal better than anyone else. I always would have thought that to be an insult. Now, it is a balm for my fear.

I need me some good Gump.


Just read the other thread from today.

Now I’m laughing at me.

Interesting because Eli Drinkwitz told us yesterday he’s not even allowed to ask players if they worked out that day.

Dinkwitz is a coach. He is correct that he can’t ask the players that right now. But the S&C coach can. It’s a very obvious and well known distinction.

So Missouri’s HC doesn’t know the rules?

If I’m Missouri, I’m putting him on notice right now. What an idiot.

He probably knows the rules but is doing a little bit of "poor me".

And who knows if he was intentionally trying to cast insinuations at other programs or if it was the twitterer doing that. Could be either one, but my bet is on the latter.

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