Jumbo Package: University of Alabama President Stuart Bell says there will be football

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Happy Friday, everyone. The big story today is UA president Stuart Bell’s remarks to the local CBS affiliate yesterday. He believes football will be back this fall, with fans.

“As we look to accomplish yet another great fall semester, welcoming back students, welcoming back our sports teams to be able to have competition,” Bell told CBS 42. “... Certainly, our plan is that we’ll have a season and we’ll have fans as part of that season in our stadium. So, we’re working towards that. We’re at April 30, and our first games are in September.”

Texas A&M’s chancellor echoed this sentiment, as did the UGA president.

Urban Meyer somewhat agreed on SportsCenter yesterday, though his optimism is tempered by the possibility that some states, particularly in the Big Ten footprint, may still be under some level of shelter in place at that time. There is an obvious political divide when it comes to such restrictions remaining in place, and it’s worth noting that the only Democrat governor in the SEC footprint is Louisiana’s John Bel Edwards. Would the SEC play ball if other conferences could not?

It seems very likely that public schools in the south will be open in August, and if public schools are open then there is no reason for college campuses to be closed. If there are students on campus, there is no reason not to play football and at least allow the students to attend. Now, whether they pack the house with non-students as usual will be another question, as will the status of opening opponent USC.

Hope for the best in many, many directions here.

A couple of Tua notes for you:

“Based on the calls that I get and information that I get,” Saban said in a video conference with South Florida media Thursday, “I was really, really hopeful that Miami would take him.”

Saban, the Alabama coach, said he believes the Chargers would have taken Tua with the sixth pick, if Miami passed. But he was hoping it would never come to that.

“I think he will be a great face of the organization there,” Saban said. “I was just rooting for the guy. I felt so bad about him getting injured. Would those consequences of that injury affect his draft status dramatically? Probably as anxious as I ever was about a player getting drafted.”

I was rooting for the Chargers to get him so that his extended family in Hawaii would have an easier trip, but Miami it is. Saban went on to mention that they tried to beat self-preservation into Tua’s head, but his playmaking instincts always took over. Hopefully this long, painful rehab will drive the point home and allow him to stay healthy in the NFL.

“That’s going to depend on the medical examiners taking a look at him and seeing what is best for his prognosis,” Tebow said of Tagovailoa. “What’s better for Tua in the long run? I would personally sit him for a little bit of time, heal him up, get him stronger, get him bigger. Make sure he is 100 percent confident in his hip, his legs and that he is ready to go because I think Tua is one of the most accurate, gifted quarterbacks I have ever seen coming out of college.”

I’m sure the Dolphins will be careful with the hip, but the way Tua has progressed thus far offers some confidence that we will see him in 2020.

We’ll close with a few other NFL notes:

That’s about it for today. Have a great weekend.

Roll Tide.


There Will Be Football!

That headline is misleading

He said the plan is to have football. He didn’t say there will be football.

Of course they’re planning. They would plan it if there’s only a miniscule chance it will happen.


I didn't write the headline.

Of your post?

Don'chu go gettin' all lawyerly with me, glenn!

I excerpted my headline from Joshole’s headline, so technically I didn’t write it. I was merely echoing the potential excitement held within. Why can't you allow for a little hope in these trying times?


To be sure, I wasn’t really aiming at you, you just gave me a related post to reply to. I’ll let you off without a ticket this time, but post safely.

Thanks, occifer!

Alec Smart out-Alec'd by smart alec.

And of course the Presidents and Chancellors are gonna say there will be football...

Those ticket payments are due soon.

There will be football. Too much money involved...

I don't think money is going to decide this one.

And if we have a spike in the virus in late summer, a second wave, I think school is locked down again. If we could have afforded to stay closed until July then I think we would have defeated it and had school back in August. But, we had to open up because jobs and businesses were going away. People are going to lose their house, they will be homeless if we stay shut down. I mean it was a no win situation and it is a huge gamble.

Thus there a lot of colleges that will go out of business if they don’t open this fall. And, there are a lot of states that are losing so much revenue right now they will have to close state schools. There also a lot of athletic departments that will go out of business without football.

And, I think this is what may actually happen. Fewer colleges, fewer sports teams, and fewer students. And, when all these recent grads can’t find a job it will trickle back down to colleges and fewer people will even want to go to college. Many will opt the tech school route where they learn something useful in finding a job. I mean what value is a 4 year BA in Latin?

And with people’s 401k’s pretty unsure right now fewer people are going to retire. Like me. At 67 I could retire, but I think I’ll keep working. We are going to have inflation with the free money that has been passed out and it is no time for me to go on a fixed income. And, if I retire now I will get far less money than if I had done it earlier, so keep working. Maybe in 5 years things will be better (unless we have another pandemic- which will happen.)

But when old people keep working, as a bunch will, it also means fewer jobs for recent grads. Right now being 22 is tough. And if we don’t think of someway to have a civilization and lose 200,000 people every once and while it is going to be tougher.

Tua never learned

self-preservation, after three years. NOT that it cost him and the team, or anything. He’d better get a clue, real quick, or he will never make it to the end of an NFL season. What is it going to take?

Presumably a potential career-ending hip injury would do the job

We won’t know until he’s placed in that kind of situation. But Tua had a couple ankle sprains and a couple bad INTs from failing to learn self-preservation and killing a play when something’s not there. Those are not necessarily things that would make a guy change his entire playing style and tamper down his instincts to make a play. But a season-ending injury that could have been career-threatening might do it.

One can hope

He had linemen roll up on his ankles twice

That has nothing to do with his style of play and would’ve caused a severe ankle injury to anybody.

The hip injury came from trying to extend the play, but 99% of running QBs would’ve tried to extend that play.


It would not have caused a severe ankle injury to anybody (everybody).
99% of running QBs would NOT have tried to extend that play.
Manufactured stats
Mac Jones got annihilated on a hit vs Michigan, got up. Burrow got destroyed on quite a few plays this year, always got up. Had those been Tua, and he got hurt, you would say: "Anybody would have gotten injured on those plays."
It’s just not true.
Tua is an injury waiting to happen. Unfortunately.
But go ahead and keep arguing.


I can’t remember seeing a QB get his ankle rolled up on from behind by an OL and stay in the game, and I’ve been watching football over 50 years.

Damn you're old.

Just saying.

Just scrolling through the comments

I’ve noticed he has been very argumentative. Maybe that’s why.

Being argumentative made glenn old?

No, it's just that so many people are wrong

And somebody has to do something about it. I’m kind of a superhero if you think about it.


No, it’s just that so many people are everyone else is wrong

Gotta make that my new profile pic on Twitter

Great idea. Because I can almost hear Sarah McLachlan singing "I'll stand by you" when I look at your current RBR pic.

And then I kick my dog because I’m in a bad mood

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