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Gump Day Jumbo Package Double Edition! The Tide have improved as Milroe has become a pocket passer

This team lives and dies by No. 4’s arm, not his legs.

Recruiting Class of 2020 - Where Are They Now?

Occasionally the recruiting services get it wrong. But most of the time, they are spot on.

MLB Draft Wraps Up: More Alabama Players Chosen

Shortstop Jim Jarvis, right handed pitcher Garrett McMillian, and freshman signee Jeremy Pilon where all drafted on Tuesday.

Noah Clowney Drafted Number 21

The Alabama Crimson Tide had their second freshman picked in the first round on Thursday. Power forward Noah Clowney was picked by the Brooklyn Nets, joining number 2 pick Brandon Miller who went to the Charlotte Hornets.

26 Mock NBA Drafts for Brandon Miller, Noah Clowney, Charles Bediako

One in the Lottery, two in the first round, and disappointment for a third.

Jumbo Package: SEC expansion is going to absorb some aggressively-mediocre ACC teams sooner or later

Or: How I learned to stop worrying about college sports, and spend more time practicing my guitar

NFL Number Assignments for Alabama Crimson Tide Drafted and Undrafted Free Agents

Former Bama players head into their rookie NFL seasons.

Two More Alabama Players Drafted; NFL Undrafted Free Agent Tracker

A few Crimson Tide players have a chance to be picked up as undrafted free agents.

Alabama Football: NFL Draft 2023 Day 3 Open Thread

One more day!

Jordan Battle Selected in the 3rd round by the Cincinnati Bengals in the 2023 NFL Draft

A three year starter and permanent team captain, Battle is set to be a solid NFL player with a long career

Brian Branch Selected with the 14th pick of the 2nd round by the Detroit Lions in the 2023 NFL Draft

From All-American to NFL Rookie, Brian Branch is going to make an impact on football.

Alabama Football: NFL Draft 2023 Day 2 Open Thread

Former Tide players look to be a major factor in Day 2 of the NFL Draft

Jahmyr Gibbs Selected 12th Overall by the Detroit Lions in the 2023 NFL Draft

The most threatening of home run threats, Jahmyr Gibbs is set to be an huge part his offense in the NFL

NFL Draft 2023: Houston Texans Select Will Anderson Third Overall

Crimson Tide edge rusher is headed to Houston. He is the second Alabama player drafted in 2023.

Alabama Football: NFL Draft 2023 First Round Open Thread

Will Nick Saban get his first #1 overall NFL Draft pick?

2023 NFL Draft Profile: Henry To’oto’o: Speed. Ball-Awareness. Smarts. Leadership.

Henry T is almost the perfect inside linebacker. Almost.

2023 NFL Draft Preview: Versatile Tyler Steen

Crimson Tide offensive lineman’s ability to play any position along the line makes him a valuable NFL target.

Jumbo Package: Bryce Young poised to become Alabama’s first overall No. 1 NFL Draft pick

It’s not just Bryce’s legendary mental processing, or his extreme likability and a photogenic face-of-the-franchise: the kid just wins, and that matters a whole lot at the end of the day.

2023 NFL Draft Preview: Eli Ricks — The tempting enigma at corner

None better with the ball in the air.

2023 NFL Draft Preview: Emil Ekiyor — the steady veteran presence?

Did Ekiyor’s regression in 2022 cost him some draft positioning?

2023 NFL Draft Preview: Jahmyr Gibbs - Made for the Modern NFL

The dual threat Crimson Tide running back has many tools in his chest.

2023 NFL Draft Preview: Byron Young

A 4-year starter and leader for the Tide, Young is an underrated player who is going to carve out a nice career in the pros

2023 NFL Draft Preview: Brian Branch

Alabama’s lynchpin in the defensive backfield is most likely another in the long list of 1st round draft picks under Nick Saban

2023 NFL Draft Preview: Will Anderson — the best defensive player of the 21st century

A force of nature, the Terminator is the best defensive player of this century. It’s not close.

2023 NFL Draft Preview: Jordan Battle

Where will the Crimson Tide safety land in the draft?

Seven-Round Mock Drafts for the 2023 NFL Draft Have a Crimson Color

Bryce Young and Will Anderson are expected to be picked among the top five. Plenty of former Alabama teammates will be selected later on.

Jumbo Package: Positions to watch during the A-Day Game

My eyes are right up the middle on both sides of the ball.

NFL Draft Projections of a Top Pick from Alabama

Mock Drafts aside, it seems logical that Bryce Young and Will Anderson are selected very early on.

NFL Draft 2023: Breaking down Alabama’s NFL Candidates with the Seahawker’s Podcast

Is Bryce Young destined to be the next Russell Wilson?

A Crimson Tide legend hangs them up: Dont’a Hightower rides off into a well-deserved sunset

Godspeed, Zeus. Godspeed.

Jumbo Package: Moving On — Tide welcomes back Charlie Strong, but says goodbye to Sal Sunseri

Combine, staff changes, cheatin’, and more.

Six Tide Players in Saturday’s Senior Bowl

Bama, SEC and other college football seniors hope to impress NFL scouts.


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