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RBR 10 & Pop Culture

Offseason Sunday List: The foundations of fantasy fiction

Let’s talk fantasy: And I don’t mean Ole Miss making it to Atlanta

Logan, and the Evolution of the Superhero Flick

The recent cinematic finale of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine character was a watershed moment that will likely shape the dominant genre in modern popular film

Lonely, Single, Gumping? Reviewed

It's actually a pretty decent idea. The execution left me a little flat, however.

The SEC Network, Year One

Watcha think so far?

Action Movie Star Tourney: Final Four Has An Upset

Yesterday saw an upset, if you can call it that, as No. 3. (overall No. 11) Bruce Willis knocked off overall No. 2 seed (No. 1 Regional) Rambo/Rocky by merely four votes.

Action Movie Star Tournament: Down To The Elite 8

Down to just eight, Roll 'Bama Roll attempts to decide the 40 year-old debate: Chuck Norris vs. Bruce Lee.

Action Movie Star Tournament: Sweet 16 Action

A lot of close votes so far, but no real upsets. Pick your poison

Action Movie Star Tourney: Round Two Concludes

The field moves to 16, as preliminary voting concludes.

Action Movie Star Tourney: Round Two Begins!

Goodness, were there some major upsets in Round One. Round Two is almost impossible to decide, if that helps!

Action Star Tourney: The Other Side Of the Bracket

The other 32 seeds are revealed in the remainder of our highly-competitive field.

Who Is The Greatest Action Movie Star Of All Time?

Why simply ponder this question -- come inside, vote, and chew the fat for a while