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Roll ‘Bama Roll Reading Room: ‘Gridiron Legacy’ is the missing link to pro football’s forgotten past

Sporting historians and pro football fans will be engrossed by this encyclopedic tome

RBR Reading Room: Mike Greenberg’s “Got Your Number” — your new favorite Bathroom Alone Time book

Want to win a lifetime of bets at the bar? This is your book.

RBR Reading Room: Chris Cillizza’s “Power Players” tries to humanize the office of President

A glib look at the Presidency through sports

Roll ‘Bama Roll Reading Room: “Passion Plays — How Religion Shaped Sports in North America”

Not a bad book, just not the book we were promised.

Roll ‘Bama Roll Reading Room: The Genius of Athletes — popular psychology done right

A good self-help primer taken from sports psychology

Roll ‘Bama Roll Reading Room: “The Point After” is a must-read.

To succeed in the future, you have to be prepared to fail in the now.

Roll ‘Bama Roll Reading Room: The Stats Game

Surprising, but not in a good way.

RBR Reading Room: Jim Hock’s “Father on the Line”

Dads matter, even long after they’re gone.

61 Things to Love About Alabama: Kathryn Tucker Windham — the grand dame of storytellers

Ghosts, recipes, lagniappe, homilies, screenplays, features, journalism — there was no story Kathryn Tucker Windham couldn’t tell.

Roll ‘Bama Roll Reading Room: “Bama Dynasty” by Christopher Walsh

Well worth the $15. Here’s why.

Now is the winter of our discontent, made glorious summer by this son of Burke.

"Saban: The making of a coach" is now available in paperback.

Q&A With Monte Burke, Author Of Saban Biography

A great insight into the motivation behind the book and the process involved in getting it to press.

Let's Talk About Michigan

Overnight and continuous thread to discuss the serious issue of player safety.

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Roll Bama Roll Gymnastics Primer

The RBR Reading Room: Paul "Bear" Bryant

The RBR Reading Room: Legends of Alabama Football

The RBR Reading Room examines Richard Scott's 2004 book "Legends of Alabama Football."

The RBR Reading Room: The Will to Win

The very first book about Alabama football ever published was Champ Pickens' pictorial magazine, "The Will To Win" commemorating the 1926 Rose Bowl Champions. One recently sold at auction for more than $7,000.

The RBR Reading Room: They Wore Crimson

The RBR Reading Room looks at Clyde Bolton's 1980 book, "They Wore Crimson," an account of Alabama football history in the recollections of ten players.

The RBR Reading Room: The Long Gravel Road to Bama

Jim Grammer's "The Long Gravel Road to Bama" is the invaluable tale of what it took to make it in Bear Bryant's Alabama team in the late 1960s.

The RBR Reading Room: Young Bear

The RBR Reading Room looks at "Young Bear" a young-adult book that tells the life of Paul Bryant growing up in Fordyce, Arkansas.

The RBR Reading Room: The Crimson Tide

The RBR Reading Room looks at the 1974 history of Alabama football, George Langford's "The Crimson Tide."

The RBR Reading Room: Always A Crimson Tide

RBR Reading Room looks at Creg Stephenson & Kirk McNair's book "Always A Crimson Tide" and concludes its an essential reference source for Alabama football fans.

The RBR Reading Room: A War In Dixie

The RBR Reading Room ponders the Iron Bowl rivalry with a review of Ivan Maisel and Kelly Whiteside's 2001 book "A War In Dixie."

The RBR Reading Room: Above the Noise of the Crowd

For three decades, John Forney was the voice of Alabama football. And when he finally wrote a book about it, "Above the Noise of the Crowd," boy was it a doozy.

The RBR Reading Room: Is It Possible to Make a Movie of Coach Bryant's Life?

A pair of books based on the life of Paul W. Bryant (one of which was actually made into a movie) raise the question; Is it impossible to translate story of Coach Bryant's life onto film?

The RBR Reading Room: Finebaum Said

RBR Reading Room review's Paul Finebaum's 2001 collection of his newspaper pieces "Finebaum Said" and doesn't say PAWWWLLLL! one single time.

The RBR Reading Room: Lt. "Rose Bowl" Miller

The RBR Reading Room reviews the book that tells the tale of Lt. Rose Bowl Miller who survived alone for 43 days on a Japanese-held Island during World War II.

The RBR Reading Room: The Essential Smart Football

Chris Brown's new book "The Essential Smart Football" is a superb starting point if you want to learn more about Coach Saban's football strategy.

The RBR Reading Room: Alabama's Crimson Tide

The RBR Reading Room looks at James Stewart Edson's 1946 book "Alabama's Crimson Tide" -- the seminal volume on the history of the University of Alabama's football program.

The RBR Reading Room: One Night, Two Teams

The 1970 Alabama vs USC game and its place in the Crimson Tide program's integration deserves to be a subject of a great book. Steven Travers' 2007 effort, "One Night, Two Teams," isn't it.

The RBR Reading Room | Champions Through Christ

The RBR Reading Room: The Titan of Tuscaloosa

The RBR Reading Room reviews David Shepard's 2002 book "The Titan of Tuscaloosa: The Tie Games and Career of Paul Bear Bryant"


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