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Alabama Basketball will miss Charles Bediako far more than his stat line suggests

Angry Chuck and Brandon Miller made this team run.

2022 Alabama Football Report Card: Running Backs — Better blocking, better running, better effort

This grew into as dangerous a unit as any in the country

Superlatives: 2022 Alabama Football Report Card: The offensive line grew up in a big way, real fast

What a difference just one year and three men can make

Superlatives: 2022 Alabama Football Report Card: To say the Defensive Line regressed is far too kind

After 2021, regression was almost guaranteed...but not this much.

Superlatives: 2022 Alabama Football Report Card: Defensive Backs made substantial improvements

Don’t let the Tennessee loss blind you to just how far this secondary came along in 2022.

Analytics Matter: Annotating Notre Dame’s 2022 offense under Tommy Rees

Did Notre Dame’s playcalling improve after Brian Kelly departed?

Data Deep Dive: The Tommy Rees Résumé (such as it is)

I’m trying to be fair here, but numbers don’t lie. You may want to grab an adult beverage first.

Graphing the Tide vs. Kansas State (2022 Sugar Bowl)

The takeoff was delayed, but the result was explosive!

Graphing the Tide, 2022 Regular Season Recap

Piling up all of the Efficiency and Explosiveness metrics his season

Graphing the Tide vs. Auburn: The Rush vs. The Pass

Not a blowout, but a respectable and decisive win

Punting is winning — sort of.

Have Iowa fans been right all along?

Graphing the Tide vs. Austin Peay

Cupcakes are still fun!

Graphing the Tide at Ole Miss: We probably should’ve lost!

A comeback almost made up the gap, but Ole Miss was stronger overall

Graphing the Tide vs. LSU: it wasn’t a fluke (at least not by these measures)

Bryce wasn’t quite able to save this one late

Graphing the Tide vs. Miss State: You were right; the offense was bad!

The stats match the eye test, not the scoreboard, in this one

Graphing the Tide at Tennessee: too many points, too many penalties

A few huge passes defined this one. Obviously.

Graphing the Tide vs. Texas A&M: The better team won, but they weren’t “good”

Mediocre stats plus bad breaks nearly cost the Tide

Graphing the Tide at Arkansas: QBs, piggies, and RTDB

Reinforcing some season storylines, and changing others

Graphing the Tide vs. Vanderbilt: Big gaps, plus graphs from Clemson/Wake and USC/OSU

Some bonus charts to put all this Crimson in perspective

All of the Graphs from Alabama vs. Vanderbilt

Some sky-high offensive numbers (exclusively for one of the teams)

Graphing the Tide vs. ULM: Perusing a blowout (all graphs)

A brief chat through all of the charts

Graphing the Tide at Texas: Not great! But not as bad as expected

The stats reflect a close fought game with some momentum swings

All of the Graphs from Alabama at Texas

A harrowing game gives you harrowing graphs

Graphing the Tide vs. Utah State: A surprisingly passing affair!

Some new names are coming up, especially in the receivers group.

All of the Graphs from Alabama vs. Utah State

All of the efficiency and explosiveness graphs from a one-sided season opener

Graphing the Tide vs. Georgia, again (2021-22 National Championship Game)

Close, but lost in the margins

Graphing the Tide vs. Cincinnati (CFP 2021 Semifinal): They ran, and ran

Well, we finally got our #RTDB

Graphing the Tide vs. Georgia: long bombs, turnovers, and critical situations

Georgia won out on efficiency, but lost on key plays

Graphing the Tide vs. Auburn: all of the graphs, but nothing makes sense.

This was crazy. Let’s just look at all of it.

Graphing the Tide vs. Arkansas: Lots of offense (some of it good)

The pigs played hard, but not quite well enough

All the Graphs from Alabama vs. Arkansas

Being back to SEC play means more nuanced graphs

Graphing the Tide (briefly) vs. New Mexico State: A mostly-refreshing blowout

Just a few looks into a routine cupcake game.