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GTT Player Graphs vs. Mizzou: Saivion Smith and the DL stepped up big.

Tua, however, looked mortal for a day.

Graphing the Tide vs. Missouri: The offense was merely great.

But the defense showed up big for their midterm exam.

Graphing the Tide: Player Graphs vs. Arkansas—Damien Harris is back.

The senior rusher reminded us why he likes playing for Alabama.

Graphing the Tide vs. Arkansas: Lots of success, but some of it was bacon-flavored.

The piggies got some yards, but the Tide got whatever they wanted.

Graphing the Tide: Player Graphs vs. ULL. It’s the Ruggs n’ Waddle show!

You think Bama’s receivers are having fun yet?

Graphing the Tide vs. ULL: A solid template for a blowout.

The Ragin’ Cajuns had a huge 4th quarter! In garbage time!

Graphing the Tide: Player Graphs vs. Texas A&M—everything’s coming up Jerry!

The ball got spread around, but Jerry Jeudy still stands out.

Graphing the Tide vs. Texas A&M: The Aggies hung in there.

Texas A&M: not bad! Bama’s offense: better.

Graphing the Tide: Player Graphs vs. Ole Miss — Hello, Damien Harris

Damien Harris is awesome. Oh, and there are some other great players too!

Graphing the Tide vs. Ole Miss

It was a story of two halves, but we didn’t need the second one anyway.

Breaking Down the Alabama Crimson Tide Kicking: New Placekicker in Week 2

Plus, consistent but unspectacular in punting and kickoffs

Graphing the Tide: Player Graphs vs. Arkansas State

Some interesting players stood out in week 2

Graphing the Tide vs. Arkansas State

A strong performance from the offense, but not a defensive blowout.

Graphing the Tide: Player Graphs vs. Louisville

Folks, we’ve got a lot of running backs.

Graphing the Tide (2.0!) vs. Louisville

Even these NEW charts can’t make the Cards look very good.

Alabama, No. 2 in way-too-early S&P+ rankings, faces seven Top 30 opponents in 2018

Alabama WILL play somebody, Pawwwwl.

Graphing the Tide vs. Georgia: 2018 National Title Game

You can see Tua right there in the numbers.

Advanced Stat Breakdown: Tide advantages across the lines should win the field position battle

Alabama will need to play a balanced game to exploit Georgia’s weaknesses

Graphing the Tide vs. Clemson 2018: Third Time’s a Charm

Finally, Alabama gets an efficiency win in this series

Advanced Stat Breakdown: Clemson has the better defensive line; Alabama has a superior offensive line

The big uglies will decide this one, but not for the reason you think.

Graphing the Tide, Iron Bowl Edition: It was all about those 3rd downs

Surprise: Bama was the more efficient offense

Graphing the Tide vs. Mercer: the young guys rose up

This cupcake game was a fine opportunity for the bench

Graphing the Tide vs. Mississippi State: Technically speaking, it went pretty well

Given limited opportunities, the Tide offense did alright after all

Graphing the Tide vs. LSU: Alabama was the less efficient team this time

On the bright side, we’ve got some new charts!

Graphing the Tide vs. Tennessee: You get the feeling that the Vols are as bad as Vandy? They are.

That other team was bad.

Graphing the Tide vs Arkansas: These Little Piggies Were Not Very Efficient

It wasn’t Vanderbilt-bad, but it wasn’t good either

Graphing the Tide vs. Texas A&M: It wasn’t that bad!

It’s not all doom and gloom for the Tide offense

BONUS Graphing the Tide vs. Ole Miss: That’s more like it

Just the charts in this one. Spoiler: they look good.

Graphing the Tide vs. Vanderbilt: Total Domination

Vanderbilt tallied only FOUR successful plays all day.

Graphing the Tide vs. Colorado State: Offense Was Taken

The CSU Rams put up some numbers, but the Tide offense did more than enough to make up for it

Graphing the Tide vs. Fresno State: Both teams were pretty efficient

66% Success Rates? That’s more like it. Fresno’s offense performed above average too, though.

How Good was the Alabama Defense Against the Run in 2016-17?

Pretty bleeping good. A rundown of every poor soul who attempted to advance the ball on the ground against the Crimson Tide last season.