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Sunday Morning Hangover: Overcoming Adversity

Alabama-Florida Historical: Something's fishy.

It's almost like the SEC wanted to protect its East-West franchises, hmmmm....

West Virginia Postmortem

Some thoughts and notes in the aftermath of Alabama's 33-23 victory over the West Virginia Mountaineers

Sunday Morning Hangover: Blake Sims - Yay or Nay?

#TeamBlake or #TeamJacob?

Will Blake Sims or Jacob Coker steal Nick Saban's Heart?

Calling All Gumps Podcast | Episode 1

RBR Sweetheart │The Final

Tweet me?

Previewing the Alabama Defense

The defense looks to rebound from a disappointing end to last season with a lot of fresh faces.

RBR Blogger Q&A

UPDATE: Suspensions, Injuries, & Academics. Oh My!

Fall Alabama Football Practice #1 Review; QBs and OL sneak peek; Uniform numbers for the newbies; And a rumor is quashed.

Five Burning Questions

What are the biggest concerns surrounding the 2014 Alabama Crimson Tide?

Brian Vogler: Alabama's Forgotten Tight End?

The tight end position in 2013 was a bit of an enigma and was rarely used. Why and will it happen again this season? For Kiffin's sake, I hope not.

Predicting the 2014 SEC Football Season: LSU

Underclassmen will be leaned on to produce.

Statistical Look Ahead to 2014

Where Must Alabama Improve the Most?

Auburn From The Couch

We all thought three years ago that the Iron Bowl could never hurt so badly again. Boy, were we ever wrong. But you know what? 2009, 2011 and 2012 are still in the record books, and when you hear the story of this game for the 10 billionth time 50 years from now, the central theme of the story will be how great Alabama's program was back when it happened.

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Open Letter To The Mizzou Nation

Violence and Football │An Interview with the BBC

Is there a link between violence against women and violence in football? Roll 'Bama Roll discusses this issue with BBC Sports Hour

Film Study: HaHa Clinton-Dix's Interception

A brief look at quarters coverage and the greatness of Alabama's free safety.

Around the SEC: Week 12

The last weekend in the SEC was, well....WTF?

Mississippi State From The Couch

Alabama's string of near-perfect performances and constant improvement is over, but a sloppy Tide was still more than sufficient for the game Bulldogs.

Tide Survives Starkville, Wins Ugly

It wasn't pretty but the sky ain't falling, y'all.

S&P Rankings for Bama, MSU, Auburn and....FSU?

How does Alabama match-up statistically with MSU, Auburn, Missouri and.....FSU?

LSU From The Couch

LSU sure made it interesting for about 36 minutes of their game against Alabama Saturday - but not for 60. There was something about that successful fake punt not quite half-way through the 3rd quarter that stole the starch out of LSU's sails and injected it straight into Alabama's, and the last 24 minutes of the contest were enough of a beatdown that the final score kind of sounded like the whole game was that way.

Initial Impressions from LSU-BAMA

"It’s a good feeling when you can see it in their eyes that it’s over"- C.J. Mosley after last night's win



Closer Look: How Unfair is the SEC Schedule?

Does the SEC favor Alabama in its scheduling practice or is it just the luck of the draw?

Know Thine Enemy: LSU Tigers

Get your minds right..

Assessing Alabama's Running Back Duo

Taking a closer look at what makes TJ Yeldon and Kenyan Drake special players.

Tracking Alabama's Season Stats

Roll 'Bama Roll's season long attempt to track Alabama's offensive and defensive stats and how they measure up to the rest of the country.

Life After McCarron

How do you replace one of the best? Find out what options Bama has for next year.

Tennessee From The Couch

Re-cap of the Tennessee vs Alabama game

Initial Impressions From the UT Game

A few thoughts and notes from Alabama's 100th straight victory over the Tennessee Volunteers.